Phill’s collection of galleries feature a special release of fine art panoramas.  Images range from the remote wilderness areas of the Far South Coast of NSW, and out across to the South Pacific

Every time I create new work, typically it’s preceded by as long as 10 years of thought, planning, watching and learning the moods of a particular location.  A selected image, once posted to my collection, is the result of 100’s of hours behind the camera.”

For premium fine art presentation, Phill’s work is produced on acrylic face mounting.  This involves applying a photographic print to a transparent plastic (acrylic glass or perspex) so that the print is viewed through the acrylic.

The acrylic mounted photo is professionally produced to the very highest standards.  Work is printed on the Epson 9900 (HDR PRINTER).  Epson’s new HDR inkset technology with 11 inks, now includes green and orange.  This results in a huge colour gamut which means stunning colour and monochrome prints.

Because of the different light penetration and refraction of acrylic glass compared to normal glass, the colours are more brilliant and the image sharper than compared to standard glass in a picture frame














The look is simply stunning, your print is pre mounted on 6mm width acrylic with rear framing hooks and sits approximately 6mm off your wall.  It has a unique “floating” effect once hung.

Your chosen image once produced, is ready to hang, making this exceptionally great value….. the image doesn’t require framing.  Think of it like this, each shot looks as if it’s on a frameless digital TV as it’s direclty mounted to the laser cut perspex, polished, then rear mounted for hanging.

This production style is frameless and beautifully modern, suiting any home.











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